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LM7200 Digital Lensmeter

LM7200 Digital Lensmeter
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Name: LM7200 Digital Lensmeter
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Serial Number: LM7200
Manufacturer Name: LUXVISON

LM7200 Digital Lensmeter LM7200 Digital Lensmeter LM7200 Digital Lensmeter

The Luxvision LM-7200 is an outstanding lensmeter featuring a green measurement light, 5.6-inch high-resolution LCD, UV transmittance details, a built-in printer and so much more. Now your staff can obtain accurate lens measurements with minimal training. The LM-7200 auto lensmeter provides repeatable, objective measurements every time. It is easy to use, reduces operator error, and eliminates the subjectivity inherent in manual lensmeter readings. The LM-7200 can easily and accurately measure all lens types, including single vision lenses, multifocals, and progressive addition lenses. This affordably priced all-digital unit is a smart choice for any office.

Features of the LM-7200 Digital Lensmeter

Green Measurement Light
Easy to Operate
Large LCD Screen
Measures All Lenses
UV Measurement

Pupillary Distance Measurement
Contact Lens Measurement
Space-Saving Vertical Orientation
Thermal Printer
Green Measurement Light 

Green light provides more precise measurement values without Abbe value compensation.

Easy to Operate 
Eliminate the subjective nature of manual lensmeter readings with the easy-to-use LM-7200. Even inexperienced operators can obtain accurate lens measurements in seconds. This Luxvision unit will reduce operator error and provide repeatable, objective measurements every time.

Large LCD Screen 
Operators will enjoy the 5.6-inch full-color LCD display featuring high-resolution graphics.

Measures All Lenses 
Progressive lenses will no longer present a challenge with the LM-7200. This all-digital unit quickly and accurately measures every lens type.

UV Transmittance Measurement 
The LM-7200 provides UV penetrability measurements on all lens types

Pupillary Distance Measurement 
PD measurement is easy to obtain by placing frames onto the unit’s nose bridge bracket.

Contact Lens Measurement 
A special contact lens bracket quickly replaces the standard lens bracket for easy contact lens measurement.

Space-Saving Vertical Orientation 
Save valuable work space with the vertically designed LM-7200.

Thermal Printer 
Once your readings are complete, a built in printer quickly generates the results.


Measurement range
Spherical lens -25.00D~+25.00D 
(Reading increment step: 0.01D  0.06D  0.12D  0.25D)
Contact lens (spherical lens) -25.00D to +25.00D (BC=6.00~9.00)
(Reading increment step: 0.01D  0.06D  0.12D  0.25D)
Cylinder lens -10.00D~+10.00D ( - , ± , + )
(Reading increment step: 0.01D  0.06D  0.12D  0.25D)
Cylinder lens axis 0°~180° (reading increment step: 1°)
Addition -10.00D~+10.00D (Add, Ad2)
(Reading increment step: 0.01D  0.06D  0.12D  0.25D)
Prism 0.00?~15.00?
(Reading increment step: 0.01?)
PD value Monocular PD: 20mm~39.5mm 
Binocular PD: 40mm~85mm
Accuracy: 0.5mm
UV penetrability 1%~100%
step: 1%   5%
Cylinder lens measurement mode: ( - , ± , + )

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