Prometeo Refraction Unit Prometeo Refraction Unit
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Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100

Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100
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Name: Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100
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Serial Number: RU-2100
Manufacturer Name: Luxvision

Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100 Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100 Luxvision Refraction Unit RU-2100

The refraction unit RU-2100 combines a pleasing design with superior quality, practical function and easy operation. The RU-2100 puts all of your instruments at arm’s reach and allows you to control them from main panel. It offers a phoropter arm, projector arm, multi-directional chair and a built-in light source. All of this and more combine to make the RU-2100 and outstanding addition to any practice.

Features of the RU-2100 Refraction Unit
Accommodates Two Instruments on Table
Light Source
Two Control Panels
Projector Arm and Socket
Phoropter Arm
Rotating/Reclining and Electronic Lift Chair
Table Rotation / Arc-Shaped Table Top
Rechargeable Sockets

Accommodates Two Instruments on Table 
The RU-2100 allows you to conveniently operate two ophthalmic instruments on the table, allowing for greater flexibility. The table is high-quality, providing exceptional features.

Light Source 
A light source is conveniently powered on and off directly at the control panel.

refraction unit ru-2100 luxvision - us ophthalmic

Two Control Panels 
The control panels features soft touch switches and is very easy to operate. The panels features a main switch and up and down switch for the chair, a light source switch, a table top switch, a power switch chair's elevation and rotation, a voltage adjustment switch when recharging ophthalmoscope or retinoscope, as well as the projector switch.

Projector Arm and Socket 
A fixed socket on the upper part of the post supplies power to the projector. For your convenience, power is controlled directly from the control panel.

Phoropter Arm 
Fine movements for ideal positioning are possible with the smartly designed phoropter arm. The RU-2100 has a socket for adjusting the height of the patient with the phoropter.

Rotating/Reclining and Electronic Lift Chair 
The RU-2100 chair provides you with all of the movement and functionality you might need during your vision exam. The chair features elevation and can be rotated horizontally. Reclining chair can smoothly lift up and down and is elevated electronically, able to bear the heavy weight with a power switch. In addition, it features a foot rest, head rest and arm rests.

Table Rotation / Arc-Shaped Table Top 
The table can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90°. 

Rechargeable Sockets 
The RU-2100 has sockets for charging ophthalmoscope and retinonoscope.


Table Size 38.18 x 16 in (970 x 400 mm)
The Height of Table 37in (930 mm)
Elevation Range for the Phoroptor Arm 47 - 67 in (1200 - 1700 mm)
Rotating Angle of Table 90°
Elevation Range for Chair 18 - 24 in (450 - 600 mm)
Input Voltage AC 110V 60H/220V 50 Hz
Lighting Luminaire 5W
Working Temperature -30°C ~ +50°C
Power 150W
Dimension (L x W x H) 52 x 41 x 71 in (1300 x 1030 x 1800 mm)
Max Loading 110 lbs (50 Kgs)
Weight 506 lbs (230 Kgs)

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