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TxCell Scanning Laser - SLA

TxCell  Scanning Laser - SLA
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Name: TxCell Scanning Laser - SLA
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Serial Number: TxCell Scanning Laser SLA
Manufacturer Name: Iridex

TxCell Scanning Laser
Delivery System
Versatile Platfrom for Advanced Retinal Therapy
The TxCell Scanning Slit Lamp Adapter adds the use of multi-spot pattern scanning when coupled to the IQ 532 or IQ577 laser.  In one platform, growing practices can offer:
  • Multi-spot pattern scanning for efficient pan retinal photocoagulation
  • Standard Photocoagulation with optimized wavelengths: IQ532 and true-yellow IQ577
  • Confluent laser patterns for tissue-sparing Micro Pulse protocols

Workflow Efficiency
  • Predictability in laser spot placement for both standard photocoagulation and MicroPulse protocols
  • High Speed pulse durations for efficient Laser delivery
  • Modular design for infra-office portability
Enhanced Tissue Visualization
with Target Cell Technology
The Target Cell Technology enables the physician to visualize the treated tissue by identifying the perimeter of the targeted area.



TxCell Scanning Laser
Delivery System
Laser: IQ 532 TM / IQ 577 TM
Wavelength: 577 nmor 532 nm
Laser Energy Source: Frequency Doubled Solid-state and direct diode
Maximum Power: 2 W
Exposure Duration: CW-Pulse TM: 10-3000 ms
Exposure Interval:  CW-Pulse TM: 10-3000 ms
MicroPulse TM Duration: MicroPulse: 0.05-1.00 ms
MicroPulse Interval: MicroPulse: 1.00-10.00 ms
Aiming Beam:  Diode laser, 635 nm nominal
Patterns:  Grid (2x2 – 7x7), Circle, Triple Arc
User Interface:  Touchscreen & knobs
Slit Lamp:  CSO SL 980, Zeiss 30SL, Zeiss SL 130
  and equivalents
Spot Sizes: Single spot: 50um, 100um, 200um, 300um, 500um
  Multi-spot: 100um, 200um, 300um, 500um
Electrical: 100 -240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
The TxCell Scanning Laser Delivery System components:
* TxCell Scanning Slit Lamp Adapter (SSLA)
* TxCell Control Box
* IQ 532 or IQ 577 laser

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