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VCAPSD Volk 1 Single Use Capsulotomy

VCAPSD Volk 1 Single Use Capsulotomy
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Name: VCAPSD Volk 1 Single Use Capsulotomy
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Serial Number: VCAPSD
Manufacturer Name: Volk 1 Single Use Capsulotomy

VCAPSD Volk 1 Single Use Capsulotomy

Volk®1 Single Use Capsulotomy Lens

Part # VCAPSD10

Primary Application:

Laser Capsulotomy Procedures

Features & Benefits:

  • Direct image, high-resolution lens enabling precise focused laser beam placement at the capsular bag in a single use design.
  • Volk®1 Single Use lenses aim to reduce the potential for transmission of infectious disease while eliminating reprocessing costs (disinfection & sterilization).
  • Pre-sterilized and packaged in sealed Tyvek® pouches.
  • Quality of Volk-manufactured optics deliver high-resolution images in a sterile, one-time-use design
  • Assurance - Eliminate the potential for cross-contamination
  • Convenience - Do away with cumbersome, costly reprocessing of durable, resuable lenses

Sold in boxes of 10 lenses each

Quantity: 1 box (10 single use lenses per box)

Also available in Cartons of 100 single use lenses, or Cases of 400 single use lenses. Tier pricing discounts are available for large quantity purchases.

*NOTE: Tier pricing is available for purchase quantities above 100 and 400 lenses respectively. To qualify for tiered price breaks, customers must buy in increments of Cartons (100 lenses) and/or Cases (400 lenses). No exceptions.



Lens Image Mag. Laser Spot Contact Diam. Lens Height
Volk®1 Single Use Capsulotomy Lens 1.57x .63x 14.2mm 13.3mm


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