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Prometeo Refraction Unit

Prometeo Refraction Unit
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Name: Prometeo Refraction Unit
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Serial Number: Prometeo
Manufacturer Name: Luxvision

Prometeo is one of a series of products designed to meet customers requiriments.
This high quality unit is solid built and easy to use and maintain.
It is wear resistant and corrosion proof.
As one unit of a complete set of medical apparats for ophthalmology.
It is an ideal choice for ophthalmologists and opticians not also in optical glass shops.
Form and functionality have been integrated to create an expression of innovative design.

Control Panel
The main panel has easy to understand soft touch switches.

Sliding Table
The table can slide horizontally. A limit switch below the sliding table is to prevent accidents. There is a socket for supplying power for the sight tester also below the table.

Chairs movements
The chair can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90 degrees.
Chair: electric elevation, reclinable 120 degrees, revolving, foot rest, head rest and arm rest.

More table movements
The table can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90 degrees.

Max.angle for rotation of sliding table: 90 degrees
Distance for displacing of sliding table: 360mm / 14.4 in
Distance for stroke of electrical driven chair: 160mm / 6.3 in
Max.loading capacity of arm: 10kg / 22 lb
Power of light source: 18W
Power source: AC220V / AC110V / 50Hz
Weight of unit: 220kg / 480 lb
Package: 1850x220x220 mm / 73x8.67x8.67 in

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