Digital Pupilometer PM-100 Digital Pupilometer Luxvision PM-100

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Digital Pupilometer PM150

Digital Pupilometer PM150
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Name: Digital Pupilometer PM150
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Serial Number: PM150
Manufacturer Name: Luxvision

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Digital Pupilometer PM150
Available in Silver, White and Blue
Model PM 150 Meter is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of optometry for fitting spectacles


This device is designed in a scientific and reasonable way, integrating technologies on optics, mechanism, electricity and microcomputer into whole.

- Using optical methods to realize hairsprings orientation which replaces the mechanical orientation.

- Adopting a full-digital design to effectively eliminate error in optometristís artificial measurement, allowing objective and precise measurement of the patientís pupillary distance.

- A flexible baffle design convenient for storage avoiding possible malfunction in operation.

- Save energy for low power design

Description of Structure
Press this key to actuate the device. In the process of measurement, pressing the key will enable measured data of the device to be reset to the initial status.
2.Right Pupil Measuring Key
It is used to measure right pupillary distance. Pressing outer side of the key will make pupillary distance pointer move towards nose bearer.
3.Left Pupil Measuring Key
It is used to measure left pupillary distance. Pressing outer side of the key will make pupillary distance pointer move in opposite direction of the nose bearer.
4.Display Window
It display the measured numerical value of pupillary distance and some other relevant information.
5.Memory Key
It is used to store the current data. Press the key once to save the data and press again to cancel the saving.
6.Pupillary Distance Conversion Key
It is used to conduct conversion of measured value of pupillary distance at different optic distance of 30 cm-oo
7.Measuring State Transition Key
Monocular pupil measurement of left or right pupil is realized by pressing this key, there by making conversion of Left or right pupil measurement and simultaneous binocular pupils measurement available.
8.Nose Bearer
A testee's bridge rests on the nose bearer so that the device and position of the testee's pupil is fixed.
9.Measuring Window
The working window of the testing personnel.
10.Observation Window
Two windows provided for a testee to stare at the target with his (her) eyes.

Description of Rear Panel
It is located at bottom of the instrument. For operation, turn on the switch and then lay down the baffle to separate observer and testee.
12.Baffle switch
It may move up and down to draw in and lay down the baffle.
13.Battery box
Two battery boxes are available at the bottom of the device, one on the left side and the other on right side, each with 2 pieces of 5# AA Batteries.
14.Preset screw
It is located under the baffle, wich is visible only after the baffle is laid down. The specification is English standard 1/4" , a camera tripod can be fixed for the convenience of user.
15.Forehead bearer
The testee's forehead reasts on the forehead bearer so that the position of his pupils is fixed.
Display Window
A.Right eye pupillary distance.
B.Binocular pupillary distance.
C.Left eye pupillary distance.
D.Reading of right eye pupillary distance.
E.Reading of binocular pupillary distance.
F.Reading of left eye pupillary distance.
G.Display value of optic distance.
H.Memory state.
I.Right eye measuring state.
J.Binocular measuring state.
K.Left eye measuring state.

Viewed from the Observation Window
Target to be started at. In the middle of an eyeball-shape circle in the center of the device's inner visual field, there is a green target image sorrounded by a bright ring. A testee should stare at the target with both eyes.
Viewed from the Measuring Window
Pupillary distance pointer.
The widths in the observation windows of the device are vertical black lines, one in the left window and the other in the right window.
Depressing measuring keys of the left and right pupils will make the pointer move on the reflecting ligh dot of the human pupil, permitting measurement of the pupillary distance.
Range of Data Display:
Binocular Pupillary distance:
Left or right pupillary distance:
Effective range of measurement
Binocular Pupillary distance:
Left or right pupillary distance:
Indication error:
< 0.5mm
Rounding error:
< 0.5mm
Distance of target
30cm - oo
Power Source
Voltage: DC 3V
Specification: 5#AA battery
Quantity: 2 or 4 pieces
Time for automatic shut-off:
1 and a half minute after stopping operation
219mm(L) x 169mm(W) x 64mm(H)
0.6 kg


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