Backflush Products

Backflush Products

Backflush Products


Backflush Products:

Backflush Handle

Lightweight titanium handle for reduced hand fatigue and lasting durability.  Silicone reservoir for passive aspiration with reflux capability.  Luer lock on handle tip is compatible with any luer type needle tip and securely holds the tip in place.  Luer lock allows quick and easy interchange of needle tips.

200130  Backflush Handle

Overall length of 110mm with a diameter of 7.0mm.


200101  Backflush Reservoir Replacement

Silicone insert with a vent hole.



200104  Backflush Cannula .90mm (20g)

Reusable blunt cannula with luer hub.  Cannula length is 32mm.



200105  Tapered Cannula

Reusable cannula with .90mm (20g) shaft, tapering to .60mm (23g) 3mm from the tip.  Overall length is 29mm.



200107  Subretinal Cannula

Reusable cannula with .90mm (20g) shaft, tapering to .30mm (30g).  Angled 125° 3mm from tip and flattened for easy insertion into the subretinal space.