ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp
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ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp

ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp
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ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp
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ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp
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ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp
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ESL-7800 Ezer Slit Lamp 5 Step Magnification

The Ezer ESL - 7800 is the top quality Slit Lamp form our series.
It is built with a traditional toer style configuration and and it presents specialized optics and increased magnifications levels. The ESL - 7800 uses a Galilean Optical System.
The modern design presented by the ESL - 7800 model presents a "six-position revolving magnification drum" that allows an easier exchange of the magnification levels from 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x to 40x than exchanging an eyepiece.
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Magnification Select Dial
Five steps magnification range from 6x to 40x without changing the eyepiece, only twisting a single knob.

Optic System
The ESL - 7800 Slit Lamp presents an optic system ideal for technically advanced imaging systems.
Through the utilization of the optical beam slitter that presents an 'in-out' prism system, the ESL - 7800 Slit Lamp allows maximum illumination to the practitioner during the observation and at the same time to the digital and video imaging system when it is in position.
This dual port beam splitter permits an assistantscope to be attached.

Fixation target
Two kinds of fixation targets are available.One is for diopter adjustment to help the patient to see the target clearly while the other is illuminated at a fixed spot.

* Hurby Lens Guide Plate
* Prism box: Separates the prism box to adjust the interpupilar distance.
* Diffusion Lens: Used to observing and photograph at a low magnification, and to enlarge the ilumination field.
* Lamp cap
* Apertue Slit Height and Display window.
* Filter Selection Level: There are four filters for selection.
* Reflecting mirror: Both long and short reflecting mirrors are provided. The long mirror is routinely used for most examination procedures. The short mirror is used when the long mirror interferes with the observation pathway, such as during funduscopy.
* Hruby Lens: Used for observation of fundus and the posterior segment of vitreous body.
* Slit with control knob: The slit width is continuously adjustable within the range from 0 to 9mm. The marks on the left knob stand for the approximate value of the width.
* Ilumination Inclination Lever: Four 5° inclination stops are available-up to 20°.
* Single-handed elevation system.
* Easy-to-reach tilt mechanism gonioscopy.
* Dial-in, and continuously variable aperture setting from 10mm to 0.2mm.
* Focusing fixation light is adjustable to each patient.
* Hallogen ilumination standard.
* Five built-in filters.
Convenient ilumination and light burst controls


Type Galileo magnification changer with converging
Model magnifying 5 steps by drum rotation
Eyepiece 12.5x
Total magnification rate
6x 10x 16x 25x 40x
(Field of view) (ø33mm) (ø22.5mm) (ø14mm) (ø8mm) (ø5.5mm)
(ø1.3in) (ø0.88in) (ø0.55in) (ø0.31in) (ø0.22in)
Range of P.D. adjustment 55m/2.16in to 75mm/2.95in
Diopter Adjustment -5D to +3D
Slit projection magnification 2/3x
Slit width continuous from 0mm/0in to 9mm/0.35in
(at 9mm/0.35in, slit becomes a circle)
Slit height continuous from 1mm/0.039in to 8mm/0.315in
Aperture diameter ø9mm,ø8mm,ø5mm,ø3mm,ø2mm,ø1mm,ø0.2mm
Slit angle 0º to 180º with horizontal scanning capability
Slit inclination 0º, 10º, 15º, 20º four steps
Filter piece heat-absorption, grey, red-free and blue
Illumination bulb 12V30W halogen bulb
Movement base
Fore and back movement 90mm/3.54in
Left and right movement 100mm/3.93
Fine movement 15mm/0.59in
Vertical movement 30mm/1.18in
Chin-rest parts
Vertical movement 80mm/3.15
Fixation target Red-LED
Hurby lens
Hurby lens -58.7D (optionally available in some regions)
Power Source
Input voltage 100/220V ~ ±10%
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Input power 58VA
Output voltage Illumination bulb 7.2V, 9.8V, 11.6V
Fixation target 7.2V
Electric safe standard Conform to Standard IEC601 - 1, Class I Type B
Dimension and weight
Packing box 720 x 495 x 480mm / 28.35 x 19.49 x 18.9in
Total weight 24 Kg / 52.9 Lb
Net weight: 21 Kg / 46.3 Lb
Accessories Mount
Accept the model R - 9000 Goldman applanation tonometer as other accessories.

12.5x Eyepiece
Before using the slit lamp, adjust the proper diopter for each eyepiece to obtain a definite image.

Base locking screw
The base will be locked when this screw is fastened.

Optional accesories (additional purchase)
10x measuring eyepiece
Replace the common eyepiece with this to measure the length and angle.
Scale specification
Length scale: 16mm/0.63in (0.5mm/0.019in minimum graduations)
Angle scale: 360º (5 minimum graduations)
Measuring parameters
Length scale: To be used at 10x only
Diopter compensation: -5D to + 3D
Angle scale: No limitation
(scan images)

Applanation tonometer
This ESL- 7800 slit lamp can be equipped with TN-150, Model R-900 or Model T-900 applanation tonometer to measure the intraocular pressure.

TV accessories
Provide a visual method to conduct a demostration for a large audience. Allow images to be placed on videotapes or store in a computer, if TV camera is installed.

slit lamps sl-1400