EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan
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EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan

EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan
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EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan
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EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan
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EZER EUS-2600 AB Scan
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Ultrasound became a standard diagnostic modality in almost all medical specialties including Ophthalmology. For this reason Ezer engineered an ophthalmic ultrasound imaging system with amazing charcteristics – it’s sophisticated yet easy to use, portable, and has an affordable price.

The portable EUS-2600 Ultrasonic A/B scanner was designed with eye-care professionalism in mind. It provides a single solution for ophthalmic diagnostics by combining an A-Scan, B-Scan in one, easy-to-use platform. This product consists of a main unit, application software, a 10MHz A-Scan probe, a 10MHz B-Scan probe, an optional 20MHz B-Scan probe (not included in equipment), a footswitch, a wireless mouse/keyboard combo, and a power adaptor.
It is also intended for biometric measurements supporting convenient operations by using mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and footswitch. Patient records are easilly saved, printed, or transferred via USB connection.

Ezer EUS-2600 Ultrasonic A/B scanner features
 High-definition 20MHz B-Scan probe (optional)
 Large 12.1" high-resolution LCD touchscreen display
 Image/video captured and stored in real time in multiple buffer
slots for immediate comparison and review.
 Multiple TGC options for operator’s preference, including vitreous-
enhanced mode.
 User-friendly clinical reporting with A-Scan/IOL results, B-scan images and comments with defined entries.
 Reports in PDF format for further sharing and print-out, and compatibility with graph/text printer.
 Diverse interfaces, like HDMI, for double-screen showcasing and DICOM 3.0 protocol available via USB 2.0 port.
 Massive storage capacity for over 20,000 exams. 

ultrasound eus-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic
Real Time Image and Video for immediate comparison and review 
The equipment captures images in multiple image / vídeo buffer slots for fast renderization alowing immediate click-and-check. The images and videos captured during the exam are saved in standard formats such as bmp and avi making them compatible with all EMR softwares.

The Ezer EUS-2600 features zooming and scan depth adjustment for better observation of ocular structures and diseases. It operates in vitreous-enhanced mode for improved visibility at vitreous body.

ultrasound eus-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

High-definition 20MHz B-Scan probe (optional) 
The 20MHz B-scan probe has a superior resolution and can be used to better detect details at the posterior pole and in the orbit.

The 20MHz probe is the ideal complement to the 10MHz probe:
 It is compact and easy-to-use.
 Highly reflective structures at the back of the eye such as chorioretina, sclera, optic nerve sheaths, and extraocular muscles sheaths are seen at higher resolution with the 20MHz probe. This allows superior imaging of chorioretinal lesions, such as melanoma and naevi.
 The 20MHz probe is an excellent tool in the imaging of orbital fat, differentiating lesions in the orbit, extraocular muscles and optic nerves.

ultrasound eus-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

User-friendly clinical reporting with A-Scan / IOL results, B-scan images and comments with defined entries. 
The EUS-2600 has biometry internal algorithms for improved accuracy and reliability with averaging and standard deviation referenced against up to 10 scans per exam.

The A Scan of EUS-2600 is commonly used to calculate the power of intraocular lens (IOL) implants required for cataract and refractive surgery. It can measure the axial length and makes the calculation of the intraocular lens with high precision and safety. All formulas that integrate EUS-2600 have proven clinically efficient and have gained international recognition.

The ultrasound has 6 popular IOL formulas and 5 post-refractive IOL formulas.
Popular IOL formulas
Post Refractive formulas
 Double K/SRK-T

ultrasound eus-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic
Reports in PDF format for sharing and print-out -- compatible with all printers 
The EUS-2600 provides full reporting capabilities integrating A-scan/IOL results, B-scan images and comments with customized dictionary of symptom entries. 

Massive storage capacity for over 20,000 exams 
The simple yet powerful user interface allows users to conveniently load, search, and print patient records. It stores over 20,000 exams (8 lossless images per exam).

ultrasound eus-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic
Thanks to its practical, lightweight, comfortable design, is very easy to transport to wherever you needed it.


Ultrasound Probes 10MHz B-Scan Probe
20MHz B-Scan Probe (Optional, not included in equipment)
Axial Resolution 10MHz B-Scan: ? 0.004in / 0.1mm 
20MHz B-Scan: ? 0.03in / 0.8mm
Lateral Resolution 10MHz B-Scan: ? 0.008in / 0.2mm 
20MHz B-Scan: ? 0.006in / 0.15mm
Scan Depth 10MHz: 1.10in - 2.36in (28mm - 60mm) 
20MHz: 0.75in - 1.57in (19mm - 40mm) 
6-tep Selectable
Scan Angle 53°
Cineloop 10s/100 frames with dynamic replay
Image Acquisition B-Scan images
Snapped & Saved in real time without any limitation
Gray Scale 256 Levels
Gain 1-105dB adjustable
TGC Default
Vitreous-Enhanced Mode
B+A Mode AL Measurement
Color Codes 8
Measurements Distance, Area & Angle
Biometric A-Scan
Probe 10MHz with Fixation Red Light
Gain 1-60dB
Measuring Method Contact or immersion
Measuring Range AL Range: 0.6in-1.58in (15mm-40mm)
Measuring Accuracy ±0.002in (0.05mm)
Measuring Mode Automatic (Normal, Aphakic, Special and Cataract) or Manual
Measurements Average and Standard Deviation for up to 10 scans per exam
Configurable Tissue Velocities under Special or Manual Mode
IOL Calculation  
General SRK-II SRK-T
Post Refractive History-derived Double K/SRK-T
Refraction-derived ROSA
Display High Resolution 12.1" LCD
Printer Compatibility Graph/Text Printer and Video Printer (PAL)
Interface Video-Out (PAL)
USB 2.0 Ports
Operations Touch Screen
Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
HDD 320GB or higher
Network Folder/Report Sharing
Power Supply AC-100-240V, 50/60Hz
Optional 20Mhz B-Scan Probe
Eye Cup
Immersion Shell
Video Thermal Printer
DICOM 3.0 Software Package