HR Wide Field

HR Wide Field - New Design

HR Wide Field



The Exceptional HR Wide Field Lens is now available with a new contact element. The addition of this contact provides superior stability on the eye and prevents the patient 'squeezing' the lens off the eye if they blink.
The HR wide Field is the finest lens for pan retinal imaging with crisp, distortion free views to the ora. Evaluated by a retinal specialis, he stated the useful field is larger than earlier lenses - the HR Wide field more capable for far peripheral detailed viewing.

H-R Wide Field
Primary Application:

Extreme Wide Field Examination and Laser PRP Treatment


Features & Benefits:

•  Advanced double aspheric design provides unparalleled wide field views and is ideal for PRP laser treatment

•  Superior low dispersion™ glass design eliminates distortion, ensuring highest resolution imaging to the extent of the viewing field

•  Low profile, reduced size housing simplifies manipulation within the orbit

•  Superb upgrade or replacement for the Rodenstock pan retinal lens



Field of View: 160 / 165
Image Mag: .5x
Laser Spot: 2.0x