Iluminated Micro Instruments

Iluminated Micro Instruments

Iluminated Micro Instruments


Iluminated Micro Instruments:


Fiberoptic illuminated instruments give you the opportunity to improve visualization by providing light at the tip.  The special squeeze handle has the option of adding a .5mm flexible fiberoptic light pipe (available separately).  The instruments utilize a 1.1mm (19 gauge) shaft, which tapers to .65mm (23 gauge) 3mm from the tip.  This provides light where you need it most, while freeing your other hand to hold a second instrument.  The instrument tips are crafted in a unique, highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.



1112  Curved Scissors (Illuminated)

Sharp tipped 2.25mm long blades curved to a 2.5mm radius.

Designed for cutting parallel to the retina.  Curved blades enable easy cutting along the curvature of the globe. 



1113  135° Angled Scissors (Illuminated)

Sharp tipped horizontal style scissors angled 135°, 1.5mm from the tip. 

Shallow blade angle designed for cutting and dissection parallel to the retina.  Ideal for cutting membranes from the retina surface.



1116  Micro End Gripping Forceps (Illuminated)

Very fine blunt 1.25mm long jaws with small platform at each tip. 

Ideal for grasping and manipulating delicate membranes.  Great for ILM peeling and epiretinal membranes.  Blunt tip for gripping perpendicular to the retina.



1118  Angled Forceps (Illuminated)

Blunt tipped forceps angled 135°, 1.25mm from the tip with small platforms. 

Shallow angle allows gripping and manipulating membranes along retina surface with good visualization.  Small platform for better gripping at tips.



1120  Serrated Forceps (Illuminated)

Blunt tipped forceps with 1.5mm long jaws. 

Jaws have serrations inside for non-slip gripping.  Excellent for peeling and manipulating thicker and more fibrotic membranes.