IVAS Digital Chart for Iphone/Ipad

IVAS Digital Chart for Iphone/Ipad New

IVAS Digital Chart for Iphone/Ipad


iVAS is a highly sophisticated software and was developed on the Apple platform to be more robust, use  the higher quality computer in the market and your computer does not lose functionalities. You can continue using your Apple for your daily activity. The system was developed by researchers with over 10 years experience in ophthalmology and follows the most current criteria for the measurement of visual acuity.
Ivas system uses your iPhone and/or iPod as remote control.
How it works? See a video here
What you get? A full software to be installed in your computer and an App to download to your Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad, plus full instructions about how to proceed.
1. After payment, you will receive a link to download the iVAS Software.
2. You will receive instructions about how to download the FREE App from Itunes.
3. If you want to purchase the computer including the compatible monitor, contact us.






iMAC, Macbook pro and/or Mac Mini

Operational System

OSX 10.5 or more


21.5” LED 1920 X 1080 Full HD

Remote Control

iPhone, iPod, Apple Keyboard and/or iPAD

Remote control OS

IOS 4.0 or more


Snellen E






Landolt C


Children 1


Children 1




Contrast Sensibility


Amsler Test


Worth Test


Children Pay Attention Stimuli


Slide Show Images

Communication (IOS 4.0 or more)


Communication (Keyboard)

Bluetooth and USB


110 -240V / 50-60Hz

Work Temperature

10° - 35°C