Micro Forceps

Micro Forceps

Micro Forceps


Micro Forceps:

1015  End Gripping Forceps

1315  End Gripping Forceps (Titanium Jaws)

Blunt 4mm long jaws with gripping platform at each tip. 

Designed for grasping and manipulating membranes.  Ideal for proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) and difficult macular pucker cases.  Blunt tip for gripping perpendicular to the retina.        



1016  Micro End Gripping Forceps

1316  Micro End Gripping Forceps (Titanium Jaws)

Very fine blunt 3.5mm long jaws with small platform at each tip. 

Ideal for grasping and manipulating delicate membranes.  Great for peeling the internal limiting membrane (ILM) and epiretinal membranes.  Blunt tip for gripping perpendicular to the retina.



1017  Side Gripping Forceps

Thin rounded blunt vertical style forceps with 2mm long, 0.7mm wide flat jaws. 

Distal blade remains stationary during use to provide extremely precise control while grasping.  Perfect for grasping and pulling peripheral membranes.



1018  Angled Forceps

1318  Angled Forceps (Titanium Jaws)

Blunt tipped forceps with small platforms, angled 135° 2mm from the tip. 

Shallow angle allows gripping and manipulating membranes along retina surface with good visualization.  Small platform for better gripping at tips.



1019  Pick Forceps

1319  Pick Forceps (Titanium Jaws)

Straight 4mm long blunt jaws with large platform at each tip. 

Jaws have a small pick at tip for lifting and manipulating membranes.  Platform at tip for grasping and pulling epiretinal membranes.



1020  Serrated Forceps

1420  Serrated Forceps (Curved Shaft)

1320  Serrated Forceps (Titanium Jaws)

Blunt tipped forceps with 4mm long jaws. 

Jaws have serrations inside for non-slip gripping.  Excellent for peeling and manipulating thicker and more fibrotic membranes.  The 1420 has a curved shaft for better access to the peripheral retina. 



1021  Foreign Body Forceps

Reverse action basket style forceps with three gripping arms. 

Designed for grasping and removing foreign bodies.  Basket style is versatile for objects of irregular shape.  Reverse action for secure gripping of object during removal.



1022  Delicate Pick Forceps  

Small .8mm pick forceps with platform. 

Ideal for picking and grasping delicate membranes.


1052  Angled Peeling Forceps  

Delicat forceps angled 135° 2mm from tip. 

Designed like small capsulorhexis forceps for peeling the ILM or other delicate membranes.  Jaws have a small pick at the tip for accurate grasping and manipulation of membranes.  Angled thin jaws allow excellent visualization all around the grasp point of the membrane.


1662  Fine Gripping Forceps with Roughened Jaws  

Thin gripping forceps with pointed tips.

Designed for peeling fine membranes from the retina.  Roughened surface inside jaws for excellent grip strength.  The roughening surface is impregnated in the jaws and will not flake or chip off.