Volk Rapid SLT

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Volk Rapid SLT
Volk Rapid SLT
Volk Rapid SLT
Volk Rapid SLT



Primary Application:

Chamber angle examination and Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Procedures

Designed for enhanced ease of use. The new Rapid SLT lens provides four wonderful views of the trabecular meshwork with minimal rotation of the lens owing to the innovative arrangement of multiple reflective surfaces instead of one

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces the time taken for the SLT procedure by half the normal duration

  • Enables simultaneous visualization of all quadrants of the trabecular meshwork 

  • 1.0x magnification maintains laser spot size and power density

  • Improves patient experience due to the reduced procedure time and minimal manipulation of the lens

This lens comes standard with a flanged contact element and broadband coating. Requires methylcellulose or similar interface solution.