Digital 1.0X Imaging Lens
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Digital 1.0X Imaging Lens

Digital 1.0X Imaging Lens
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Digital 1.0X Imaging Lens.

Significantly reduces glare and reflections during intra-ocular photography.
Provides a sharper image across the diameter of the lens.
Optimized coating for use in the visible spectrum.
Exclusive, High Index glass design for clearer images.
Standard ring size is comfortable to use and fits in the Volk steady mount.


Primary Application:
Ultimate Lens for Digital Slit Lamp Photography


Features & Benefits:
Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging


Unique glass surface curves and coating minimize photographic distortion and reflections


Highest resolution flat plane imaging of the posterior pole

High index, high resolution glass provides improved stereopsis and image clarity



field of view

image mag

laser spot

working distance

Digital 1.0x 60°/72° 1.0x 1.0x 12mm