Lensmeter Luxvision LM240 / 240P
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Lensmeter Luxvision LM240 / 240P

Lensmeter Luxvision LM240 / 240P
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LM240 Lensmeter Internal Reading:
This device is suitable for spectacle measurement, spectacle
processing factories, spectacle retail stores, departments of
ophthalmology in hospitals and optical element factories to
measure diopter of spherical and cylindric lens, astigmatism
axis of cylindric lens, diopter of prism and of contact lens.


  Eyepiece system
Equipped with a spiral focusing unit whit a range of focusing of ±5D so as to suit various eyesights.
    Lens pressing unit
Whit this unit, three plastic feet with springs are used to press lenses carefully without damaging the surface.
    Measuring bearing seat
    Astigmatism axis measuring handwheel
To measure and fix the angle of astigmatism axis of the cylindrical lens and base angle of the prism lens.
    Printing mechanism
Three identical point-making pens are connected in line.


Ranges of diopter measurement 0- +- 25D
Minimum 0.125D graduation up 0 to +- 5D and
0.25D graduations over +-5D to +- 25D

Cylinder Axis Range: 0 - 180º step 1º

Prismatic Power Range:
Prism diopter of pattern A: 0.5^ prism diopters, 1^ graduations
Prism diopter of pattern B: (with prism compensation device) 0-20^ prism diopters, 1^ graduations

Prism Base Angle 0 - 180º Minimum scale value 1º
180-360º Minimum scale value 5º

Eyepiece adjustment: +- 5D

Dimension of objective lens 16mm/0.63in - 80mm/3.15in

Overall Size: 226x150x390mmq / 8.9x5.9x15.35 inches

Weight: Pattern A 4.2kg / 9.70lb
Pattern B (w/Prism compensator device) 4.3kg / 9.46 lb

Lighting Bulb 220v/110v - 15W

Prism Compensator: Optional