OcuLight Symphony
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OcuLight Symphony

OcuLight Symphony
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Oculight Symphony
532/810 nm Laser System
The OcuLight Symphony laser represents the latest in technology innovation. It is the first laser system to combine the clinical versatility and convenience of 532 nm, 810 nm, and large spot 810 nm into one delivery device. This advanced system offers solid-state reliability in an integrated package indicated for retinal and glaucoma photocoagulation procedures.

The Standard for Clinical Versatility and Convenience
A versatile, hight-performance system indicated for even the most demanding retinal an
glaucoma photocoagulation procedures
Offers a solid-state design for optimal reliability in an integrated package
Requires only a standard wall outlet, without any special electrical or cooling provisions
Includes a custom cart for convenient movement between treatment rooms and provides
extra storage space for accesories
Multifiber Slit Lamp Adapter
Quickly and easily transitions between the 532nm, 810nm standard, and
810nm large fibers
Includes convenient flip-in/flip-out eye safety filters
Compatible with most Zeiss-style slit lamps

System components

Oculight GLx/TX Green Laser

Treatment Laser: 532nm
Oculight SLx Infrared Laser
Treatment Laser: 810 nm
Multifiber SLA Spot Sizes
Green 532 nm: 50-500um
Standard 810 mm: 125-1000um
Large Spot 810 nm: 600-5000um
Slit Lamp Options
Integrated IRIDEX slit Lamp and power table
An existing Zeiss-style slit lamp