QuadrAspheric ANF+ ( No fluid) Lens

QuadrAspheric ANF+ ( No fluid) Lens

QuadrAspheric ANF+ ( No fluid) Lens


QuadrAspheric ANF+ ( No fluid) Lens.

ANF+ flanged version  is designed to provide optimal stability without the need for a contact fluid. It may be beneficial to utilize a lubricating fluid for patient comfort.

The original 130* QuadrAspheric lens has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1989 as the preferred wide field fundus laser lens.
Its sleek 28.6mm diameter housing provides a definite advantage over competitive wide field lenses for peripherial retinal viewing, reflection displacement and ease of use.
This lens is excellent for small pupil fundus examination as a general diagnostic / laser lens
Primary Application:

Wide Field Examination and Laser Treatment


Features & Benefits:

•  Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging


•  Optimally sized to maximize maneuverability in the orbit



 High resolution imaging of the peripheral retina with small pupil capability


 Excellent general diagnostic and laser treatment lens

 Available in numerous contact options including our exclusive advanced no fluid (ANF+)


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