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ROLS - WILD as shown

Volk's Reinverting Operating System (ROLS) is the most technologically advanced wide angle viewing system available for the vitreoretinal surgeon. Its unique single-element prism design, numerous advanced features and revolutionary wide-field viewing capability have made it the #1 panoramic viewing system for vitreoretinal surgery since its introduction.

ROLS Reinverter

Volk's unique single element reinverter prism design presents the fundus image and surgical instrumentation in the eye in an upright and correctly oriented position, and guarantees left/right eye image fusion, high efficiency light transmission and perfect optical "transparency" for an all-in-all better view of the interior of the eye.
Used in conjunction with Volk's wide-angle vitrectomy lenses, it offers surgical visualization ranging from high magnification of the macula to panoramic viewing up to and includign the ora serrata.
The ROLS unit installs easily on all Zeiss, Topcon, Leica, Wild and other popular microscopes. The ROLS incorporates many technologically advanced performance and design features that you won't find elsewere!
Please specify microscope brand when ordering.

ROLS+ Reinverter

The ROLS+ Reinverter has all the advanced features of the standard reinverter but with the added benefit of decreased working distance when performing vitrectomy. The ROLS+ automatically decreases your working distance when switching from a plano/concave lens to our wide field indirect lenses -promoting a more comfortable working position and obviating the need to move the operating microscopy for lens changes.
Note: when used with an assistant scope the ROLS+ reinverter may cause the assistant scope to be out of focus on some microscopes.

ROLS Features

  • Prism surfaces are manufactured to 1/10 wave flatness for perfect image reproduction.
  • ROLS unit is factory adjusted for precision image alignment, eliminating the need for insertive technician installation -The ROLS unit is as easy to install as a beam splitter!
  • Indenpendently adjustable easy-to-use handles, introduce or remove the reinverter prism from the optical pathway. Handles are "magnetic latching" for quick removal and sterilization by any means.
  • Certified IRIS Medical diode laser (810nm) safety filter permanently installed.
  • The ROLS system is economically priced and exceptionally easy to install and operate.
  • ROLS reinverter may be used on more than one microscope and comes with a sturdy and protective car rying case for convenient portability.
  • Available with advanced high magnification and ultra-wide field Volk Vitrectomy Lenses for visuialization out to and including the ora serrata.