Super Macula 2.2 Lens

Super Macula 2.2 Lens

Super Macula 2.2 Lens


Super Macula 2.2 Lens
Primary Application:

Ultra High Magnification Viewing and Treatment of the Posterior Pole

Volk's new Super Macula 2.2 is the lens of choice for local laser treatment and critical evaluation of th eoptic nerve head and macula.
This revolutionary focal laser lens offers extremely high resolution treatment capability of lesins near the fovea, while acheving an exceptionally wide 78* field of view.
It is ideal for critical laser beam placement as the laser beam diameter is reduced by a factor of .67x.
Additionally, the high magnification provided by this lens enables detailed examination of the nerve fiber layer, the depth of blot hemorrhages and cotton wool spots in patients with hypertensive retinopathy as well as others afflictions of the central retina.

Features & Benefits:

•  Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging

•  Ideal for focal/grid laser treatment

 Highest magnification imaging of the posterior pole of any indirect contact lens

 Excellent for critical evaluation of the optic nerve head and macula



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Super Macula 2.2